The Ripper letter sent by someone claiming to be the murderer has now been adjudged by most latter-day researchers as a hoax, possibly concocted by a journalist. Another 'clue' which has been the subject of dispute ever since, concerns a chalked message found on the brickwork of Wentworth Model Dwellings which still stand at the top of Goulston Street. Inside the doorway to Nos. 108-119 a bloodstained fragment torn from Catherine Eddowes' apron was found by Police Constable Alfred Long at about 2.55 am on the 30th. Above it was chalked the message: 'The Juwes are the men That Will not be Blamed for nothing'.

Although there was no proof that it had been written by the same person who had left the piece of clothing, Long copied the words down, as did Detective Constable Daniel Halse whose version was slightly different: 'The Juwes are not the The men That Will be Blamed for nothing'. The building was largely occupied at the time by Jews and, fearing an anti-Semitic backlash if the graffiti was seen by a member of the public, Sir Charles Warren authorised a senior officer to wipe it off which was done around 5.30 am. The fact that the City Police were refused permission to photograph it beforehand did not help the susbsequent accusations about the destruction of evidence.

Historical view of doorway to Nos. 108-119 Goulston Street,
now part of Happy Days Restaurant